Syretha is the General Manager of Pretty Flowers’ Landscaping division. She brings a wealth of knowledge to our team from her previous employment at Wave Hill Gardens of New York City and The Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens in Boothbay, Maine.

When Syretha is not making our clients’ gardens look their best, she can be found mixing the perfect cocktail, conquering the New York Times’ crossword puzzle with her cat, Midnight or spending time with close friends and family.



Dusti is the Project Manager of many of our large properties along the mid coast. Prior to joining Pretty Flowers in 2015, Dusti worked for Pinnacle Landscape & Design and gardened privately.

Dusti is known for his strength,tirelessness and kind and helpful ways towards our customers and fellow staff.



Bill has been our main-man-in-charge of enriching our customer’s garden soil since 2003 when he retired from the Navy. He’s also been a key player in keeping our in-town gardens looking their best.

When Bill’s not on the clock, he can be found visiting with his grandchildren, playing golf or making cider or syrup with his very own trees.



Christine joined Pretty Flowers in 2017 with vigor. She is known for her strong work ethic, infectious smile and her ability to bake extraordinary cakes and pies.

Christine previously worked on organic vegetable and livestock farms and is close to completing her farrier certification.



Julie’s alias is ‘Julepeno Queen’ for her love of spice and hot color.

Julie is also known for her attention to detail with each flower and plant she cares for and is the master behind the Bowdoin College display gardens.

When Julie’s not painting with plants, she’s probably swimming in the ocean, studying art or baking her famous chocolate torte.



Amy has always loved nature and began creating a garden for herself when she was raising two daughters from home.

Soon, her gardens got the attention of neighbors and businesses and Pretty Flowers Was Born.

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