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White Phaleanopsis orchid in decorative ceramic container,  $75 .

White Phaleanopsis orchid in decorative ceramic container, $75.

White Phalaenopsis orchid in gold-dipped container

Give the gift that lasts. Enjoy month(s) and years of blooms with a Phalaenopsis orchid. These graceful beauties are one of the easiest to care for flowering plants and we're not just saying that. Orchids enjoy bright, indirect light and occasional watering. Once the blooms have gone by, simply trim the very tip of the stem and wait patiently. Around the same time the following year, the orchid will send off a brand new shoot!

Frosty Fern ( Selaginella)  in white ceramic cube,  $35.

Frosty Fern (Selaginella) in white ceramic cube, $35.

Frosty Fern

In nature, these ferns dwells on shaded, moist forest floors. For this reason, they prefer to be kept moist and watered frequently (possibly 1/2 cup every day or every 2 days) and should be kept away from heaters and air vents which blast warm, dry air. 


Flowering Amaryllis in footed glass vase with accents of red twig dogwood and pepperberry, $90.

Festive Amaryllis 

What's more festive than a flowering Amaryllis plant around the Holidays? This double bloom plant will provide months of color. Keep this plant watered when the soil is slightly dry to the touch. To prolong the bloom time, keep in a cooler spot away from direct, warm sunlight.