If a weekly or bi-weekly arrangement could help add a bit of color and scent to your desk, we are happy to help. We bring flowers to many people who would rather be outside exploring, and it seems to make those inside days go by a little more easily. Our flower choices are whatever we see at the markets which I know will offer smiles.  We choose flowers which are pretty (always number one), usually have bright color, and will last more than 3-4 days (unless you have a really hot office space!).

Whether a large open foyer, or a modest desk at your entry area, your customers will appreciate colorful blooms every time they come to your place of business. You decide on colors (to match the decor or not), if you want scent (allergies?), or even whether a simple orchid might do, as well as how many times per month you want me to deliver something fresh (and take away the old), or you can leave it all up to me.

Some of our accounts have included:

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...a couple of people had never seen anything like it, and I couldn’t decide whether mystification or total aesthetic surprise was the stronger reaction. The Love-Lies-Bleeding put them over the top, but the black Callas helped...it was a bold design, not pretty, but better than pretty; grand, baroque, somber, wild.
— Wallace