The Delphinium Peddler

A customer called us the other day to order flowers. While I took her order, she recalled how she used to buy Delphinium from Amy for $1/ stem many years ago. This was the first I'd heard of it. 

Amy grew up in California where she experienced the magic of flowers in bloom year round but it wasn't until after she had gone to college (where she studied Art Education), then worked as a boat broker, got married and settled down before she revisited her love of flowers and plants. 

She got her start when she bought 700 Hybrid Delphinium plants from Ball Seed (their minimum at the time) and planted them in a 800 square foot garden beside her garage. She grew the cut flowers and sold them to neighbors and Skillin's Greenhouses.

It was from then that Amy got attention for her gardening and floral design talents. Not long after, she booked her first wedding and garden design client and the rest is history.