First Lawn Mowing of the Year

The smell is a favorite. The final look is pleasing in its neatness; rich green setting off the soft yellows of daffodils and vibrant blue of grape hyacinths. 

A view of my backyard

A view of my backyard

Please don't misunderstand, I am not much an advocate for the perfect expanse of greenness without a dandelion in sight. I always encourage ground covers to my landscape clients. Although not instant, which many insist on nowadays, ground covers are much more interesting , less time sapping and are often a great way to add even more flowers, color and texture to your yard. 

I love the versatility of Walstenia, with the happy, bright yellow flowers in spring; sedums work well in tough spots and add texture and even vinca, although overused, has lovely blue flowers which draw your eye to shady areas. 

I will continue to enjoy that first mowing of spring but will continue to shrink my lawn to other plant material over time.