ZEST Magazine Styled Shoot

ZEST invited us to do a styled photo shoot to feature table arrangements. 

"Thoughtful table settings add to the pleasure of a meal. They are an expression of identity, connecting hosts and guests through the use of themes, colors, shapes and moods. A thoughtfully set table frames the meal at hand and fosters meaningful conversation that extends far beyond the evening in question." 

Pretty Flowers designed the arrangements, Janice Dunwoody produced and styled the shoot and Erin Little photographed. We created 3 versions: Rustic, Contemporary and Traditional. 


Floral arrangement: Pretty Flowers, Brunswick | Stoneware: Odd Inq., South Portland | Simple Cedar Table: KW Things, Peaks Island | Aluminum mugs: Silly's Restaurant, Portland | Linen napkins and table runner: Folly 101, Portland | Artisan hammered flatware: Sundance Catalog Aluminum plate chargers: Portland Flea-For-All, Portland | Tin water pitcher: Portland Flea-For-All, Portland | Thick candle tapers: Dwellings, Falmouth