The Delphinium Peddler

A customer called us the other day to order flowers. While I took her order, she recalled how she used to buy Delphinium from Amy for $1/ stem many years ago. This was the first I'd heard of it. 

Amy grew up in California where she experienced the magic of flowers in bloom year round but it wasn't until after she had gone to college (where she studied Art Education), then worked as a boat broker, got married and settled down before she revisited her love of flowers and plants. 

She got her start when she bought 700 Hybrid Delphinium plants from Ball Seed (their minimum at the time) and planted them in a 800 square foot garden beside her garage. She grew the cut flowers and sold them to neighbors and Skillin's Greenhouses.

It was from then that Amy got attention for her gardening and floral design talents. Not long after, she booked her first wedding and garden design client and the rest is history. 


Pink + Plaid

Eliza + Tim married at Live Well Farm in Harpswell, Maine on October 7, 2017. Live Well Farm is a quaint venue once owned by native-Mainer Patrick Dempsey from Grey's Anatomy


Live Well Farm is nestled on five acres near the sea in Harpswell, Maine. It's large enough to accommodate a tent with 200 guests but also cozy enough for a more intimate reception.

Eliza's vision was executed by The Purple Orchid. Eliza chose a beautiful pink wedding dress and wanted rich, fall tones with an emphasis on plaid. Eliza and Tim even coerced their guests to partake in the theme by adorning themselves in the plaid of their choice. 

Eliza was a breath of fresh air for us as designers. She really allowed us to creatively express her vision without much restraint. We chose beautiful flowers ranging from soft peaches and pinks to richer, deeper tones of pimento and plum.

  There is no denying this is a match made in heaven. 

There is no denying this is a match made in heaven. 

  It couldn't be clearer that these two adore each other. 

It couldn't be clearer that these two adore each other. 

  Just look at these beauties!

Just look at these beauties!

A special thanks to Jamie Mercurio (we are super fans!) for these stunning and romantic photos. 

You can read more about Eliza + Tim in Ruffled




Summer wedding at Beech Hill Barn

Beech Hill Barn is one of the nicest barn venues in Maine. Located in Pittston, Maine, the farm has horses and the owners, Priscilla and Jay live on site.

Priscilla and Jay both have an attention to detail. She mentioned to me that she researched barn venues for a year in order to create the ideal venue. I was particularly impressed with the outdoor space. There were designated areas for cocktail hour and a place to  enjoy cocktails while playing yard games.

I also noticed the careful consideration that went into her vendors' needs. There was an area tucked away for caterers that even had an outdoor sink-- something I haven't seen in my years of wedding set ups.  This wedding was catered by one of the premier caterers in Maine- Blue Elephant. They, too, are known for their impeccable attention to detail.


Beech Hill Barn also offers a beautiful backdrop for a wedding ceremony- with a stationary arbor and white wooden benches. The walk down to the site is beautiful. The path meanders through fields of Lupines- we were lucky enough to catch the tail end of the season. 

Flowers: Pretty Flowers | Venue: Beech Hill Barn | Photography: Ashley Scott Photography | Catering: Blue Elephant

Overwintering Dahlias

Growing Dahlias takes a little time and patience but the reward is well worth it. Below are some Dahlias we overwintered last year for a client in South Bristol, Maine.

A Naturalized Garden in West Bath

I love this garden. We have the pleasure of maintaining this beautiful property in West Bath which was designed by Ann Kearsley of Portland, Maine and installed by Gardenform of Lunenburg, Massachusetts

 With chunky pieces of granite blocks and curbing, you can't help but look down when you walk. 

With chunky pieces of granite blocks and curbing, you can't help but look down when you walk. 

A naturalized garden utilizes native plants which are low maintenance and adapt well to soil and water conditions in the area. These types of gardens also help the ecology and eliminate the need for pesticides. 

 Hayscented fern and Blueberry sod. 

Hayscented fern and Blueberry sod. 

We visit this property once a week to do selective weeding and watering. The new plantings need special attention until they've established strong enough roots.